Affiliate Owner Spotlight - Brian Sciascia, CrossFit Central Wellington

Affiliate Owner Spotlight - Brian Sciascia, CrossFit Central Wellington

Brian Sciascia - Owner, CrossFit Central Wellington

Image provided, in fact he would not allow any other photo.

It probably wouldn't be right to do a bunch of spotlight interviews on Gym Owners without doing one on my husband. Let's be honest - he insisted. 

Brian is the proud owner of CrossFit Central Wellington after purchasing the gym almost 6 years ago. Following 7 years rigging in Australia, he arrived back in New Zealand in 2014 and promptly purchased CCW with no experience in owning a business, no experience in the fitness industry and having never done CrossFit before - wild!

But with a strong support network and a lot of hard work and determination he has built the gym into what it is today - one of the most successful Affiliate's in New Zealand (slight bias expected).

Being raised in a family of five (all of which do CrossFit) and with a large extended family, it was no surprise that this man knows how to build and be part of a community - something he is a complete natural at.

Image provided by family. My favourite photo of these 5 with their Koro. 

Brian, with the support of an experienced coaching team, who love the place as much as he does, and members that call it their second home, has developed CrossFit Central Wellington into something really special. 

Keep reading on to find out a little more about the guy they call the Chief. 

A brief overview of what home/work life looks like

At the gym I admin/clean/coach at home I admin/clean/cook, lol. No, Freyja is my beautiful wife, Wolf is my awesome/crazy 2 year old and we all chip in at home and at the gym to make our life the best it can be.
Image sourced from Off the Bar Photography.

How you find managing your work / life balance?

I find that I need to sometimes put my phone down or my laptop, I pride myself in getting back to anyone ASAP so trying not to Facebook message or email at 10:30pm at night is a bit of work on for me.
I try to make my systems at work as simple and efficient as possible so that I can have more time to relax and hang with the whānau.
The goal is eventually to get be able to work 10% hang with the family 90%... At the moment its an easy 40% family/60% work.

What you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy hanging with my little family (if you haven't worked that out already), cooking meat, drinking craft beer, travelling and surfing decent waves.
Image sourced from Mike Smith (friend). 

What did life look like before CrossFit?

I was a bit of a waster growing up, surfing, skating, extra curricular activities, etc... I moved to Australia from a dead end job in NZ in 2007 to work as a trades assistant, from here I soon became a Rigger building wharves for a living.
Between 2007 and 2014 I lived a bit a high life that included a lot of travel and a little indulgent behaviour. In 2014 after a few changes in life I moved back to NZ, one week later I owned CrossFit Central Wellington. Lol.

Image sourced from personal Facebook. 

What are you enjoying most about lockdown and the gym being closed?

To be honest, although it has been a worrying time financially it has been pretty good. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my family and this is the least busy I have been since owing the gym.

On that, are there any lockdown habits you've formed that you'd like to keep?

I would like to continue to build on the renovations made at home and I would also like to try and keep up the daily family walks around our local neighbourhood.

What are you missing most about the gym being closed?

Being pushed to my limit in workouts from all the members.

Biggest learning since becoming a business owner?

Big question... 
Don't try and do it all, just try and do a few things well.

What you would say to people wondering if CrossFit was for them?

If you are wondering then you are half way there. Just do it.

Three things that make CCW the place that it is:

  1. My wife
  2. The members
  3. The coaches

What you do you love most about your job?

I love that it doesn't feel like "work", I really enjoy getting to work alongside Eric, my wife and the coaches to make it a place people love coming to.

I like that I get to be there training with "members" who are actually just my mates. 

I also love the lads trips and Saturday cricket sessions. 

Your favourite "cheat meal"

Hawaiian BK Chicken, Zinger Works Burger, BigMac/Filet/Cheesy combo, Battered Tarakihi filet/chips, I don't have favourites, I love everyone equally.

Brian - you are a true leader. Your commitment to making CrossFit Central Wellington the best place it can be for its members blows my mind. A shame about the BK.. 

Image sourced from CrossFit Central Wellington Facebook page.  
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