Affiliate Owner Spotlight - Josh Gardiner, CrossFit Ruark

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Josh Gardiner - Owner, CrossFit Ruark

Image sourced from CrossFit Ruark Facebook page.

Not many people in their mid-20s can say that they are the owner of a successful gym like Josh. Josh is the owner of CrossFit Ruark in Mangakakahi, Rotorua which first opened back in 2015. Josh owns CrossFit Ruark alongside his wife Nyxon and they also have a gorgeous baby boy who keeps them busy. 

Josh has grown up in Rotorua around the gym and fitness industry, his Dad, the owner of Golds Health and Fitness has been a gym owner all Josh's life. This meant prior to starting Ruark, Josh would compete in Power lifting, Olympic weightlifting also started dabbling in CrossFit early on.

Continue reading below about Josh and the enjoyment he gets out of running CrossFit Ruark

What got you into CrossFit?

I saw the CrossFit games on YouTube and started trying the movements out, a short time later it became my new way of training.

What changed that made you feel ready / allowed you to shift from CrossFitter to gym owner?

I was already running boot camp sessions at Golds Health and Fitness (my Dad's Gym). From that we looked into affiliating and sitting my CFL1 so we could promote CrossFit in Rotorua. 

What are you enjoying most about lockdown and the gym being closed?

Time with my wife and son and catching up on housework.

On that, are there any lockdown habits that you'd like to keep post lockdown?

I'd like to keep helping out around the house more -  that stay at home Mum life is hard out. 

What are you missing most about the gym being closed?

I miss seeing my members, we have a strong community as most boxes do. 

At Ruark, a lot of us do life together, not just the gym. 

Image sourced from CrossFit Ruark Facebook Page

What is your biggest learning since becoming a business owner?

That a business owner should learn to be a Leader.

If you can’t lead yourself how can you lead your staff, members, family, etc?

What would you say to people wondering if CrossFit was for them?

Come try a FREE session! Lol. 

Three things that CrossFit athletes can do to get the most out of their training

  1. Keep your nutrition dialled in.
  2. Move efficiently and safely; and then
  3. Perform workouts at high intensity.

How do you find balancing work and home life? 

I have a good balance of both. It’s easy when my wife loves CrossFit and our gym just as much as I do.

Finally, your ultimate treat meal

Fried chicken burger with donuts as buns

Josh, a fried chicken burger with donuts as buns sounds like the most indulgent burger - where can we get one?!

Thanks Josh for your time! 

Image sourced from CrossFit Ruark Facebook page. Check out that community! 
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