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Lea Cooper - Owner, CrossFit 5011

Image sourced from CrossFit 5011 website

Lea is the proud owner of CrossFit 5011 in Lower Hutt. She has been a CrossFit Coach since 2012 and has worked with all aspects of the fitness industry, both in New Zealand and in Australia since 2004. Lea is a competitive Powerlifter who brings a determined and encouraging energy to all members and classes. 

Lea has always loved to lift weights. Before moving to New Zealand she was based in Canberra, Australia managing a commercial ‘globo’ style gym and training the Powerlifts. On arriving to New Zealand, knowing little about CrossFit she approached a local gym missing lifting weights and quickly became hooked. 

Lea has always enjoyed being surrounded by likeminded good people - that is her happy place. 

Lea not only runs an Affiliate that her members love but also nails Mum mode to her teenage daughter and very loveable dog. 

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What did life look like before CrossFit - how did you get into it?

My life before CrossFit was back in Canberra, Australia. I was managing a commercial ‘globo’ style gym and training the Powerlifts. I loved lifting heavy surrounded by similar minded good people. It really was my happy place.  When moving to New Zealand I knew I couldn’t join a general gym, I needed to lift weights with others in a garage style space.

I had no idea what CrossFit really was, but after being here a week, I needed to get back into lifting. So I joined a CrossFit gym in Lower Hutt and the rest is history. 

How are you finding managing work and home life during the lockdown?

So far so good. I’m lucky that my daughter is a teenager and not 100% dependent on me for entertainment. Haha  I’m struggling not being around my gym people and friends, I’m a people person so being stuck in a small bubble is challenging. 

My ‘work’ is all online based, it’s a struggle to turn the computer off and not work. Not having to coach classes and be active is hard at times. I’m sure, like most people, it will be tough getting back into some form of ‘normal’ routine and not be too wiped out physically. 

What are you enjoying most about lockdown and the gym being closed?

I am very much enjoying it, perhaps a little too much, my sleep ins. No 5am starts has been a nice change! I’m also enjoying spending more time with my daughter. 

On that, are there any lockdown habits that you'd like to keep post lockdown?

I’m excited to keep running our online stretching classes. We are currently live streaming an evening stretching class two nights per week. It’s a nice way to end the day and keep connected with our members outside of the gym. 

What are you missing most about the gym being closed?

Being with my people, my community. The people, the energy, the atmosphere, the vibe in the gym, the sweaty High 5’s after a tough workout.

I miss it all. 

Image supplied
Image supplied by Lea. The 5011 Community at the 1 Year celebrations

Your favourite movement or area that you like to coach and why

I love to coach the Powerlifts. Give me a deadlift, back squat or bench press and I will passionately coach the hell outta you. It’s my happy place and I feel like I can hone in on my coaches eye. 

(Lea is a competitive Powerlifter)

What is your biggest learning since becoming a business owner?

There are a million things you learn when becoming a business owner.

The biggest thing would be to not lose sight of yourself.

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Don’t give all of yourself that you have nothing left to live. 

What you would say to people wondering if CrossFit was for them?

I honestly believe CrossFit is for everyone. Everyone!

CrossFit is fully functional and is completely adaptable for any body, age, injuries/limitations and fitness/sports experience. 

Three things that CrossFit athletes can do to get the most out of their training

  1. The biggest and main thing is mobility! Take responsibility for your inflexibility. 
  2. Leave your ego at the door. 
Classic CrossFit saying, but so true. We all need to check ourselves and learn it’s ok to not be the best at something and we all start from the beginning.
      3. Trust the process and listen to your coach.
We want you to learn how to do things properly and safely. In order for you to improve you need to let us help you. 


Image sourced from CrossFit 5011 Facebook page. 
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