CrossFit Open - Making goals for next year

CrossFit Open - Making goals for next year

Post Open - What now?

After months of anticipation building up to the Open 2018, we dived into five weeks of an emotional rollercoaster from anxiety, excitement, happiness, frustration, triumph, failure, low and high energy. It's all over now, it’s been and gone. You survived five weeks of hype, nerves, PR’s, crazy workouts, cut up hands, bruises, coffee dates, waiting for Friday to roll around so you can analyse the workout and practice the movements, to try get your nervous ass to sleep to then wake up for an energetic epic Saturday. What now?

Throughout the Open, you are hit with movements that you are good at, and ones that you dread because they are way out of your comfort zone, because you haven’t practiced the skills and/or you are not at that level of movement yet. Before the workout, majority of us would psych out about a movement that you’ve never done one, and how you could (or should) magically get it because it’s the “OPEN” - despite not working on this movement or it's requisites throughout the year. Next minute the workout comes around and you throw your toys and are pissed off you didn’t get it.

But why? Ask yourself, why? Did you really deserve one if you haven’t put in the work for it? How bad did you want it? Because; the dust settles, time goes on and you’ve forgotten about how bad you wanted that C2B and you go back to doing jumping pulls or avoiding workouts with C2B full stop. So, ask yourself: How bad do I want C2B? Is that YOUR goal, someone else’s goal, or simply something you wanted only at a given moment during the Open for the glory that lasts one workout and everyone (including yourself) has forgotten the next week?

After the CrossFit Open you can feel a little lost with your training because there are no longer challenges you are faced with each week. Much of the hype has gone and you don’t feel as much motivation to train. If this is you and you’re in need of some direction, then it is time to set yourself some goals. It is time for you to create your OWN hype, and get motivated and pumped up to work towards some sick as goals. Not your mate’s goals, not other person's goals, just something that YOU want to achieve.

So, what should your goal be? That is totally up to you my friends.

Perhaps start by asking yourself a few questions:

Do you want to work on those “weaknesses” you kept listing off throughout the Open?

Does the thought of working on those movements make you not want to train at all?

Just keep in mind that when the next Open or competition comes around you are not stuck in the predicament of “I should have worked on these” or “this isn’t my movement” or “I didn’t train for this”. On the other hand, you may not want to base your training on performance in a competition setting and it maybe that you couldn’t care less what movements you have or not, you may want to work on creating a habit of coming to the gym more often - you may want to feel “fitter, stronger, flexier”. Each and everyone has their own goals, standards or ideals of fitness and reasons as to why they train.

Ask yourself:

What is my purpose?

What makes you come to the gym? Is it to make friends? Build your fitness? Get to regionals/the games? Be able to play any activity with your kids? Make it into the army? Improve your strength? Build your confidence? Get fitter so you can climb the hills in Wellington without feeling like you have Asthma?  Whatever your purpose or goals might be, are you currently working towards your wants and needs? Do you even know what you want to get out of your training? Have you thought about it?

If you have thought about it, consider the points below:

Firstly, double check that the goal meaningful to YOU. Something that you really want to work towards, not just achieve. This is because it is important to focus on the process of working towards our goals and not get hung up on the outcome.

Why? Because:

1. This will keep you motivated; and most importantly

2. It will also make you appreciate that every time you turn up to put in work towards your goals – you are achieving, you are progressing, you’re improving, you’re winning.

Essentially every time you turn up to the gym to work towards your goal, you’re a winner. No matter what happened during the session itself.

Why is this so important? Let’s give you an example. Say that you have a goal in mind to achieve your first C2B pull-up. Firstly, let's identify that this is something you really want, and you are not chasing this because your friends have one or because you think it is something you “should have”. 

When strict pulling gymnastics turns up in class, will you turn up and put in the work? Even though you know it’s going to hurt, it’s going to be hard and it might not seem fun or are you going to skip class because you’re not good at strict strength? If you are thinking the latter, then perhaps getting your first C2B isn’t really your goal or you don’t want it bad enough.

If you really want something - then you must understand there are no shortcuts and work is required. It’s the old saying of “you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, because nothing worth having comes easy”, and “hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard” sort of thing. Cheesy but true. It is down to how much you prioritise your goals and how much work you are willing to put in.

Turn up consistently, give it all your effort, hold no expectations, have a positive mindset, and train by how you feel. Setting your own (informed) standards, your own (SMART) goals is a good start. Make the process enjoyable by surrounding yourself with likeminded people. These people are your support crew, your training partners, and your biggest fans. They push you beyond your limits and expectations, give you guidance, advice, keep you motivated when you need it, and say what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

Now, take that goal that you have in your mind, and double and triple check where you currently sit in relation to that goal. Next up, start planning how you are going to work towards that goal, what you need to do, who you may need to guide and support you and then how you are going to put these plans into action. Always remember, that the process of working towards a goal is not always going to be linear progress - life happens! Acknowledge it, accept it, and move on. Pick up where you left off, and get back on the gains train.

Now you have decided what your goal is, that’s where we (the coaches) come in. We can’t decide what your goals are going to be, but we sure as hell can help facilitate the journey! It’s what we’re here for! Let’s go!

Coach Lydia

Lydia Barrington holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Sport and Exercise, is a L2 CrossFit Coach and a valuable part of the CrossFit Central Wellington coaching team.  

In 2018 Lydia led a number of CrossFit Central Wellington members through the CrossFit Open by supporting them in pre-workout preparation, scaling options, strategising and personal goal setting. Lydia is a role model for a number of athletes around the gym with her desire to continue to grow and learn as a coach and her true passion for seeing athletes succeed whilst also having fun.

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