Gym Owner Spotlight - Sasha Temaru, Grind Health & Fitness

Gym Owner Spotlight - Sasha Temaru, Grind Health & Fitness

Image sourced from Grind Health & Fitness Facebook page.

Sasha Temaru - Owner, Grind Health & Fitness

Image sourced from Grind Health & Fitness website. 

This girl has sass, she has fire, she has energy and she is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to running Grind Health & Fitness. This is Sasha Temaru. 

With a sporting background and a passion for physical activity, Sasha was destined for a career in the fitness industry.  Over the last 5 years she has worked as a trainer in commercial gyms around Wellington and in 2017 Grind Health & Fitness was born. 

Grind Health & Fitness is a group fitness studio based in Kilbirnie in Wellington that offers a diverse range of training options that cater to all fitness levels.

What got you into the fitness industry - have you done anything prior or did you know early on that it was what you wanted to do? 

Fun fact - I was a qualified hair dresser before getting into the Fitness Industry, I know shock!

My members laugh when I tell them this because they think I'm joking! I came out of college unsure of what I wanted to do with my life so I went into hairdressing. I worked in a salon for about 4 years and while I was in there I got into going to the gym.

I was interested in doing a body building show so I got a Personal Trainer and competed in a couple of shows. I would go to the gym every lunch time to do group classes or do some weights because I genuinely loved it. By the end of the year I had left my full time job and went back to study to become a qualified PT.  

Did you play any sports through school / earlier years? 

We were brought up on sport, our parents use to play every sport as we were growing up so it was only natural for us to do the same. I loved all sports and would give anything a go.

I played representative netball right up until U21s. 

When was it that you knew that you were ready to go out on your own and start Grind Health & Fitness?

I am someone who thrives off growth, if I'm not doing something that isn't challenging me I out grow it or get bored.

I worked as a personal trainer for two and half years, I had built a solid client base and had actually launched Grind within the four walls of the commercial gym I was working at without even knowing what it would become.

I created small group training which just got bigger and bigger and before I knew it I was looking for a space of my own. 

What is it that sets grind apart from other functional fitness gyms? 

I think what we stand for, our values, beliefs and our community.

Grind is based on four core values:

  1. Unity
  2. Mindset
  3. Diversity
  4. Inspire

We go a little bit deeper than just being a Gym and just running classes. Each person that steps foot in our doors understands the kaupapa of Grind.

It's hard to explain because its more a feeling that you have to come and experience.

What are you enjoying the most about lockdown and the gym being closed? 

The sleep ins! Haha

I'm a one man band so honestly not having my alarm going off at 5am every single morning is heaven! I'm brand new woman with out bloody dark rings under my eyes. 

On that, are there any lockdown habits that you'd like to keep post lockdown?

Lockdown has taught me to slow down, to ask for the help when I need and that as much as I think I'm superwoman, I'm not and I need to step back and allow my awesome trainers to step in.

I can get so caught up in my work and allow myself to get so run down that I don't get to appreciate what I have created because I'm so busy looking to the future instead of staying present for 5 mins. 

What are you missing the most about the gym being closed? 

My people, my community is why I started Grind. It's been so hard going from seeing people every single day to not seeing them at all. 

Image sourced from Grind Health & Fitness Facebook page.

Your favourite all out cheat meal?

Italian 100%!

I'm a sucker for a massive pizza, big bowl of carbonara and a bottle of wine. 

How do you find managing your private life with your work life? 

It's definitely a work in progress. I always seem to do the "I'm just sending one email or I'm just sending one text"

I find it hard to completely switch off but I'm getting better. 

Biggest lesson/s you've learnt since starting your own business? 

There are so many, but my main two would be:

Don't compare your journey to anyone else - No one shows you how to make it, no one shares the struggles, the tears, the worries and the stress. Business is hard and I learnt in my first year that it's ok to feel all of these things. People only ever show you their successes and never the mountains they have had to climb to get there.

Stay true to who you are, work hard and don't give up because its worth it when you come out the other side

Have mentors or guidance from someone who has experience. I am a one man band and I went into this business as a personal trainer. I had never done business stuff before so in my very first year I taught myself a lot of things but knew as I grew I would need help. 

I reached out to the owners of Swet - Sammy and Julia and they have been mentoring me ever since. It has honestly been one of the best things I've done. I'm accountable to someone which I need, I hate admin! Haha. We catch up once a month for about 2 hours and it has changed the way I do business completely.

Three things your athletes can do to get the most out of their training?

  • Train hard, comfort zones get you no where 
  • Stay in your own lane, don't worry about where others are, focus on you and do your best
  • Fuel, rest and recover,  fuelling yourself with nutritious food, resting and recovering are just as important as training hard

What gives you the biggest kick out of running Grind Health & Fitness?

Seeing your average person do extraordinary things.
We have members from all walks a life and seeing people over come fears, smash an exercise that they couldn't do 3 months ago, hit a new PB or even just run a full 1km without stopping.
Seeing members faces light up because they have achieved something is what gets me out of bed everyday. 
Image sourced from Grind Health & Fitness Facebook page. 
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