fôrs rewards

The new fôrs rewards

My way of thanking you for your loyalty and commitment to this local brand. Earn points every time you shop and put them towards your next purchase.

Customer loyalty - it's something that deserves reward and something I have been meaning to do for a long time. The hardest part - getting the rewards right so expect these to evolve over time. This is the first iteration of fôrs rewards. 

For each $1 spent - earn 1 fôrs reward. 

160 rewards - free shipping code

250 rewards - 10% off code

Other rewards:

Sign up - earn 10 fôrs rewards. Worried about email spamming? Not my thing but you are always able to opt out. 

Points, or reward vouchers do not expire.

If you have any feedback through this first phase - as always, fire it away!

Thanks so much for continuing to support this little business!