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Airwaav Recovery Mouthpiece

Airwaav Recovery Mouthpiece

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Airwaav Recovery Mouthpiece


The Airwaav Recovery mouthpiece is designed with patented Reflex Technology which activates the tongue's natural response during sleep to direct it forward to open the airway. Studies have shown opening the airway during sleep improves sleep quality — better sleep promotes faster recovery.

How to use your Airwaav Recovery

1. Customise

Fit the mouthpiece using the microwave or boiling water and follow the fitting instructions included. Let the mouthpiece sit for 24 hours to allow material to shrink and ensure a snug fit. Make sure to watch the fitting instruction  or download the PDF for additional instructions.

2. Insert Airwaav

Before you fall asleep, place the mouthpiece on your bottom teeth and let the tongue move naturally. Do not force movement of the tongue or jaw.

3. Sleep

Allow the Reflex Technology to work while you sleep, opening the airway naturally for deeper, uninterrupted sleep and better recovery.

Relevant research:

Will this help with snoring?

Snoring is caused by your tongue falling into the back of your throat during sleep and is caused by a variety of factors that are unique to the individual. The Recovery mouthpiece is designed to help guide your tongue forward and away from the back of your throat.

Cleaning your Airwaav

Simply run your mouthpiece and case under running water and light soap or toothpaste and gently brush with a toothbrush. We recommend cleaning the mouthpiece once per week.

Is it safe to tape my mouth or nasal breathe with this product?

If you already tape your mouth for nasal breathing during sleep, then this mouthpiece will only help promote better breathing and recovery. We suggest adding the recovery product into your normal sleep routine.

Is the mouthpiece suitable for individuals with sleep apnea or other breathing issues?

The AIRWAAV Recovery Mouthpiece is not intended to treat medical conditions. If you have sleep apnea or other breathing issues, please consult a healthcare professional for appropriate solutions.​​​​​​​

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