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The Callus Shaver Kit

The Callus Shaver Kit

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The Callus Shaver Kit 

The Callus Shaver kit keeps your hands in tact so you don't have to stop training. 

The shaver is the most effective and easy way to remove thin layers of dead skin and leave skin feeling smooth and ready for your next session. 

The stainless steel callus shaver comes with 10 x two-sided blades. When one side becomes dull, simply flip the blade to the other side.

Once you've finished tidying up your hands, pack it away into your case for next time. Easy to store in your bathroom cupboard or in your gym bag. 

Each kit contains

  • Stainless Steel Callus Shaving tool
  • Spare packet of 10 blades
  • Callus file attachment

Directions for use

Use your shaver following a long hot shower. Stretch your hand out flat and gently draw shaver parallel across callused and dead skin.

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