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Grown Strong

Grown Strong Timer

Grown Strong Timer

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The Grown Strong Timer

A workout timer that fits in your pocket. 

Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Large enough to never miss a round.


  • Magnetic back plate Timer can be attached to any metallic surface or stand on its own.
  • Rechargeable battery with 10+ hours  To charge, simply plug in with the USB-C cable provided and continue to enjoy full functionality during charging.
  • Crash resistant - The silicone protective case will keep your timer safe while you're on the go. Choose between 3 different colours to match your mood and style.

User manual can be found here.

Seven Timer Modes

7 pre-programmed timer modes to cover all your training styles.

STOPWATCH - Continuous count up from zero

COUNT UP - To a custom time

COUNT DOWN - From a custom time

TABATA - 3 Minute Workout - 00:20 Work + 00:10 Rest

FIGHT GONE BAD - 17 Minute Workout - 3 Rounds, 05:00 Work + 01:00 Rest

INTERVALS - Custom Rounds - Custom Work Time + Custom Rest


12/24 HR CLOCK - Continuous Digital Clock

Available in teal, salmon or black. 

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