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Jaw - Gloves

JAW Gloves have double the protection to the Original JAW Grips so your entire palm is now covered. No more rips on those pinky fingers so you can keep training hard. 

Compliment your JAW Gloves with regular doses of Almond Oil on your hands to ensure your hands are in tip top shape to work on those gymnastics or smash out a big pull up workout. 

Colour: Black 


Small: Up to 9cm/3.5 inches

Medium: 9 to 11.5cm/3.5-4.5 inches

Large: 11.5cm +/4.5 inches +

Measure from your wrist to the base of your middle finger.

Note - once Jaw Gloves have been purchased these cannot be returned so please pick your sizing carefully. Still not sure about your size? Check out our grip sizing blog post here

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