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Live Wire Coated Cable

Live Wire Coated Cable

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Live Wire Coated Cable

Perfect whether you're after some replacement cable or just want to mix up the colour of your speed rope. 

With it's PVC coating, these cables are durable and versatile meaning a longer span between cable replacements. 

Can be used on all surfaces, however, will wear quicker when skipping on concrete over indoor rubber flooring. 

Cable measures 3 metres in length with a 3mm thickness. 

The Live Wire Coated Cable is compatible with most brands out there - I haven't come across a speed rope that I can't replace the cable for yet!

Available in 17 colours

  • Lights Orange
  • Glowing Gold
  • Aqua Midst
  • Moody Black
  • Slime Green
  • Oh Magenta
  • Navy Seal
  • Blazed Red
  • Soft Pink
  • Sterling Silver
  • Punchy Purple
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Mint Green
  • Bright Blue
  • Barbie Pink
  • Gunmetal Grey

Know your length? 

We can cut your cable to exactly what you’re after, just let us know in the comments of your order! No additional charge.

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