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PicSil - RX Grips

PicSil - RX Grips

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Rx Grips - Two and Three Hole

We will not be restocking this style of PicSil grips. 

The RX Grips are ultra-resistant and thinner than leather so you can feel the bar and rings better. Made from a carbon-fibre fabric these will mould to your hands with use without using their grip or protection properties. 

Available in two and three hole coverage. 

Sizing: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. Not sure about sizing? Give us a call or jump in store!

Overview of the Rx Grips:

If you are looking for some grips that will last a long time, you have found them.

Determining your sizing

The first thing you need is a ruler to measure your hand.

Second thing, take a look at this image. Measure yourself from the wrist to the base of the fingers (1).

Choose if you want to protect the palm of the hand (Size 1) if you are one of those who want to protect the fingers, make the gymnastic fold or do not put your fingers directly (Size 2).


Size 1

Size 2

… – 8cm | … -3.14”



8cm – 9cm | 3.14” -3.5”



9cm – 10.5cm | 3.5” -4.1”



10.5cm – 11.5 | 4.1” – 4.5”



11.5 – … | 4.5” – ….



Cleaning your grips

If it is simply due to smell, we recommend that you put them in the freezer but if it is due to a blood stain, wash them by hand very carefully, never by machine.

The main thing is that they dry well.

Which is better, two or three hole?

The Two hole grips are more than enough for most people, but if you like (or need) to have a very covered hand, the 3 holes will come in handy.


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