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True Protein

Protein Mousse

Protein Mousse

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True - Protein Mousse 150g

A nutritionally rich high-protein dessert with a simple, all-natural ingredient profile. With 21g of protein in every serve. A clean and tasty treat you can feel good about eating.

Premium Ingredients

Formulated with collagen, natural cocoa and whey protein sourced from all over the world to ensure a high-quality product

Nutritionally Rich

Rich in protein and amino acids and low in sugar, making it a treat you can feel good about eating.

Great For Hair, Skin & Muscles

Collagen production is critical to the reproduction of muscle as well as hair, skin and nail cells. Protein Mousse boosts your daily intake to support your body with collagen synthesis.

Healthy Treat Alternative

Featuring all-natural, nutritionally rich ingredients,Protein Mousse is a healthier alternative to store-bought desserts.

Suggested use

  1. Pour 150mL water or milk into a shaker.
  2. Add 1 Large True Scoop (30g) of Mousse powder into the shaker and shake well.
  3. Mix well until powder is completely dissolved. Remove the mixing ball and leave in shaker or transfer to a small container.
  4. Refrigerate for 90 mins.

For a richer, creamier dessert, we recommend using milk. Water also works well! Fantastic topped with a spoon of greek yoghurt, frozen berries and cheeky spoon of Fix & Fogg Hazelnut Butter (because why not). 

The amount of time you refrigerate your mousse will affect the texture.
30 minutes - For lightest, fluffiest consistency 
90 minutes - For a firmer, thicker texture 



Whey protein concentrate (NZ) (34.4%), Milk protein concentrate (NZ) (34.4%), Collagen (16.7%), Natural cocoa, Organic inulin, Natural chocolate flavours, Vegetable gum, Monk fruit extract                    

Nutritional Information

Energy  475kJ (114Cal) 1585kJ (379Cal)
Protein  21.9g 73g
Fat, Total  1.7g 5.5g
- Saturated 1.1g 3.8g
Carbohydrates  2.1g 7g
- Sugars 1.1g 3.6g
Sodium  162mg 539mg

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