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Onyx Weightlifting Co.

The Vader Low Top Wrist Wrap

The Vader Low Top Wrist Wrap

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Onyx Weightlifting Co. - Low Top Wrist Wraps

Highly praised, these wrist wraps that are handmade in USA and will not have you readjusting your wrist wraps between lifts. Minimal design, maximal support. 

Made from Vader leather, these wrist wraps are a fashion statement as well as strong enough for some heavy weight overhead. A balance of supple leather with a lot of support, these are for you if you're looking for an already-broken-in feeling with support.

Customer feedback: Best qualify wrist wraps I have found. Perfect sizing as most other brands only stock thick bulky wraps which I hate. But these are perfectly sized giving my wrist enough flexion but the support I need with weightlifting. 

Wrist Sizing (circumference of wrist)

 Circumference of wrist (Inches) CM conversion Onyx suggested size
6" and less 15.3cm and under
6.25" - 7"  15.9 to 17.8cm Medium
7"-7.5" 17.8 to 19cm Medium or Large depending on how much wrist coverage you want
7.5"+ 19cm + Up Large


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