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Toe Mobility Band

Toe Mobility Band

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Toe Mobility Band

The Toe Mobility Band is specifically designed to help isolate areas of the feet to mobilise the joints and strengthen the intrinsic muscles. The Toe Mobility Band’s length and strength is perfect for improving bunions and helping combat deformation from narrow toe box shoes.

It’s also ideal for athletes looking to improve their big toe range of motion for stronger strides, higher jumps, and better stability. 

  • Improves big toe range of motion (Hallux Limitus)
  • Helps with bunions (Hallux Valgus Correction)
  • Increases mobility and strengthens intrinsic muscles
  • Reduces tension and helps realign toes
  • Improves circulation and helps with toe dexterity

Without stretching and strengthening the toes as we age, our circulation and balance diminishes.


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