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Tough - Greg Everrett

Tough - Greg Everrett

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Tough - Greg Everett

Paperback, 272 pages.

Praised as "remarkable", "powerful" and "inspiring" by everyone from special forces operators, elite athletes and coaches, and backcountry experts to everyday people striving to improve their lives, Tough "sets the standard" and "encompass[es] the message we all need."

True toughness involves far more than what most of us believe and has far greater influence on our success and fulfilment than we imagine. Toughness is defined by four interdependent elements: Character-who are you and are you secure in your identity? Capability-what are you able to do? Capacity-what are you able to withstand? And Commitment-what are you willing to do?

Being truly tough is a genuine command over ourselves and an ever-increasing mastery of the mental, emotional and physical elements that define us and determine the course of our lives. It gives us the fortitude, mindset and tools to not simply survive adversity, but to thrive through it and in its wake. It gives us a broad and always expanding array of capabilities that create self-reliance and confidence, give us access to new opportunities and experiences, and allows us to contribute more than we consume. It ensures we understand who we truly are, and that we ultimately determine that identity and reinforce it daily with our choices and habits. And true toughness allows us to remain committed to our chosen path to achieve what we intend no matter what it is or how difficult the process.

This is not a chest-pounding call for "manly" activity, emotional sterility, and self-flagellation, but a guide to discover and develop our ultimate capacity to withstand adversity, to collect and build the mental and physical tools to accomplish the challenging and incredible, to find security in our identities and the confidence and resilience it engenders, and to become an active and positive contributor to the world at large.

Tough is an inspiring look deep into what makes us tough and why it matters, and provides the practical tools and steps to achieve genuine change in your life.

"Greg has done a terrific job of taking the intangible attribute of toughness and given us a concrete, actionable, step-by-step process for understanding it and adopting it into our own lives. I am recommending this book to all of my athletes."
—Ben Bergeron, elite CrossFit coach, best selling author of Chasing Excellence

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