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Onyx Weightlifting Co.

Vader Lifting Straps

Vader Lifting Straps

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Onyx Weightlifting Co. - Vader Lifting Straps

The Vader strap is a strong and durable black leather lifting strap.  Slightly thicker than the other pebbled leather straps on the Onyx line. 

Very soft and won't need any time to break in. Thickness of the leather provides the strength. They come in 22 inches, with the ends sewn together. They are 1.25 inches in width, made to accommodate the large and smaller wrist athletes.

Made from leather, these straps are the most comfortable option over cotton, canvas and nylon to avoid chafing and calluses on the wrist which are results of the other fabrics.

The other benefit of leather straps is the durability, these straps will last you years. While the leather will slightly stretch with use, they will not fray against the knurling of a barbell like the other fabrics.

The Vader Straps are the heaviest duty, a bit thicker for bigger hands and best for pulling really heavy weight.

They will still feel good for mid-weight lifters but they are the ones we always suggest for athletes regularly pulling over 120kg. They are a 7-8 oz. leather.

If they are oiled regularly and hung to dry to keep moisture and health in the leather, rather than getting dried out and brittle from the sweat and moisture, these straps should last you years.

Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Customer feedback: Other straps are made more for deadlifting I think and are too bulky for Oly lifting. These are perfect and there is no break in time.

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