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Versalift - Heel Inserts

Versalift - Heel Inserts

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 Versalift Inserts

We also love the slant boards and would love to eventually get these over here!

VersaLift inserts not only raise the heel-to-toe drop of your training shoes by a 1/2”, they also feature a high-durometer polymer construction equipped to withstand heavy loads, all while remaining light and comfortable through regular use.

Sold in pairs and available in three sizes, VersaLifts instantly expand the versatility of your favourite athletic shoes, creating a new dynamic for everything from snatches and cleans to wall ball throws, box jumps, and double-unders.

When it comes to squats (be it pistol, front squats or overhead), that 1/2” difference in heel height can also dramatically improve your form and positioning, and consequently, the long-term effectiveness of the movement.

Made in the USA and developed by a small family business in Iowa. With a distinctive green with special No-Slip cleat tech to ensure the inserts are secured in place as you train. 

Sizing guide

Size S M L
Shoe Size

Men's/Women's 6-8.0 US

Men's/Women's 8.5-12.5 US
Men's 13.0+ US
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